Friday, 17 December 2010

Fern's evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our music video uses real media products as it plays with different methods of using equipment and techniques such as filming and editing. The song we used was The Magic position by Patrick Wolf. In our research we couldn’t find the specific genre of the song but found it to be alternative/indie. Normally in a conventional indie music video, the instruments in the song will be shown either individually or when the whole band is playing. In Scouting for Girls music video for “She’s so Lovely”, this use of hearing the instrument and seeing it is used. The lead singer plays the piano at the introduction of the song and it is something we also see. The lyrics also link to the visuals. For example, a line is “I like the way she shakes them hips” and at the same time there will be a shot of a women shaking her hips. This use of voyeurism attracts more attention to the video. In some ways this compares to our music video as we try to get James to act out of some the lyrics. For example when he is walking along with the camera, the line says “It’s going to be a beautiful day” and then James opens his arms, which emphasizes how beautiful the day is meant to be.

We have challenged the use of conventions, as we wanted to make our video different to how a conventional video is viewed. A small aspect, which is slightly unconventional in our music video, is that we used photography. Our music video compared to Patrick Wolf’s original is a complete contrast as the original is extremely bright, has lots of people dancing in it and it is very colourful. We wanted to incorporate some of these into our video and did this by making it brighter but in a more natural setting, hence the leaves and trees.

In our video, we make a point of making sure the audience understands that the magic position within our video is the holding hands. We took photographs of random people holding hands. We thought it makes our video stand out, as it is “sweet” and “friendly”. These make the video different to Patrick Wolf’s but they also make the videos similar. Patrick Wolf is more overly happy and excited and ours is slightly more mellow and magical. It is magical because of the effects we used in the editing process which give the sky a sparkle, this shines through the trees and also makes James glow slightly.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
Overall the main product and our ancillary texts create a good music video production. Each compliment each other well as they are both colourful, abstract and reinforce the idea of our magic position being people holding hands. The use of photography within our video makes the video more interesting and effective in demonstrating the meaning in our song. The ancillary texts such as the advert is meant to be linked directly from the CD cover which again, means they complement each other.

The design of our digi-pack was meant to be colourful, bold and make a statement. The ideas came directly from the our video. We used the main photograph, which we feel to be the strongest photograph as it shows the passion in our “magic position”. The impression someone would get from our digi-pack and our video would be that the band is lively, upbeat and something to listen to when relaxing. The institution we included onto our advert was the hmv logo.

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
What we have learnt from our audience feedback is that overall, our video matches the song in the way that is it upbeat, colourful and give a happy image. However, some of our cuts could have been better and also some of the shots tend to drag out slightly. This feedback has made us realise what we would need to do if we were to do it again such as more footage and more cuts.

A part of our audience feedback was to put a questionnaire on facebook and see the responses we would get about what people think about certain videos and what ideas they would like to see in our video. This allowed is to adapt our ideas and in the end create what we produced. The participants had to watch a video and then answer questions on what they think to the video and how they would change it. They also gave ideas as what they wanted to see in our video.

How did you use new media techniques in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
We used new media techniques in the construction of our product by the ways we used camera angles, the props and location. During the editing stages we used effects on the video to make it seem more colourful and abstract. Within the ancillary, we used a font which made it look like we had drawn the text which gave the magazine advert and CD album cover a more playful feel. We got this font from Da Fonts. This website gives many different fonts for all types of genres and the one we found which worked best for ours was “green pillow”.
In our research we looked at Dizzee Rascal’s video for Dance Floor. This hip-hop song demonstrates conventions we are used to seeing in this type of genre. We wanted to use this as an example to how we would base our own video with the genre of The Magic Position which we found to be alternative/indie.
In the planning process we used photography. We did this to see how effective we would find this technique in our video and we found that it worked. We also used paper in our planning so we could organize how we wanted to scenes to pan out. This was just a basic guide to set us up for the real thing.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Feedback from Designer

We sent our draft digipak and advert to a professional designer - the current Art Editor of Imagine FX magazine (also the ex-Art Editor of Future Music mag) who replied with the following:

'And the Patrick Wolf stuff is great. Especially that poster, with its clean typography and considered composition. Cropping an image tight like that gets the viewer right to the point, and your focus is on this strong sense of intamacy. I love all of that attention to detail.'

simmilar music video

we have recently found a music video similar to how we wanted ours to look like, using the same idea for holding hands.
the video has constant clips of people holding hands and hearts.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Filming the Evaluation

Yesterday we filmed our evaluation, we used the media block, using the green room and black room, we used the green rooms so we can add photos and put backgrounds on to reinforce points said in the filming., we also used the black room to do two of our evaluation points.
We also had someone asking the questions throughout the filming.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monday, 29 November 2010


Drawing close to our deadline we have completed our music video, digi-pack and poster advert keeping a re-occurring theme of the holding hands. We feel that we have worked well as a team in the last few weeks after a few miner issues that set us back in our filming e.g. the media block roof being damaged. Overall we are pleased with our end results but wish we had more filming time as we do feel because of the problems with the media block we were rushed to plan another filming session on site that didn't looka s effective as our original plan. safe tings.
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